Fancy-Schmancy Pet Food

If they’re good enough for gourmet food, they’re good enough for Iraq. Photos courtesy of Check out their “exotics” page TODAY!

I’m curious to see what The Bookshelf’s current vet-in-training has to say about this, if anything.

I don’t understand the appeal things like this. Yes, that’s right, “premium holistic gourmet dog and cat food”. I suppose there are some people out there who like to completely spoil their pets, but I just don’t get the idea of feeding them expensive gourmet, made-for-animals food. THEY. ARE. DOGS/CATS. They’re not going to complain about what food you give them. Heck, in some countries, they’re the gourmet food. I’d bet that cats might turn their nose and not eat certain cat food, but only if they’ve been exposed to better. If all they’ve ever known is dry pebbles of wheat and “meat”, they’re not going to have any clue of what they’re missing. My dog enjoys the same dry dog food every day and doesn’t write me notes complaining about it. Sure she’d rather have “people food”, but dogs will pretty much eat anything aside from vegetables, as shown by this dog who started munching on some meat that had been laced with pins. He ate over 30 of them. You’d think that after 10 pins (i’m giving him the benefit of the doubt, eh maybe 20), that he’d realize… “OWWW this hurts; Maybe if I stopped eating this meat it wouldn’t hurt.” A dog would probably bite its own ear if it smelled good enough. Yes, dog food doesn’t taste good to us, but does it need to? If the pets will eat it, and it’s healthy enough, that should be all that matters.
And if you want to pamper your animal with something out of the ordinary, give them some “people food”. A little bit can’t hurt, can it?

Gourmet Pet food gets no stars because it’s something that’s totally pointless, and yet people still buy it. Word of advice, get the cheap stuff, then you can upgrade to 85% lean ground beef for yourself. MMMMM 85%!! Another word of advice: Dog biscuits are not people food.

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