The Pittsburgh Steelers’ Trick Plays

Each game, the Steelers come in with eight trick plays. These include end-arounds, halfback options, double-reverses, etc. In the middle of the second quarter, they used their first with great success.

Lining up in the I formation, one of the most flexible of the offensive formations, Ben Roethlisberger, faked the handoff to the half-back who then ran to the right side of the offensive line as the fullback ran to the left all while a wide receiver from the right side ran towards the half-back. The wide receiver got the hand off, followed the fullback’s blocks to the left and got the easy first down.

Unfortunately for the Steelers, the drive ended in an interception.


The trick play doesn’t receive five stars if only because it didn’t result in a huge gain, just a first down.

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