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  • 15 Favorite Sports Moments of the Year

    You know, if we would’ve sent Sacha BARON Cohen instead, he probably wouldn’t have fallen. Indy-Pittsburgh Divisional playoff game-Most exciting football game of the year. With the Steelers threatening to put the game away with under two minutes left, (after a disputed non-interception call, an Indy touchdown to put the game within three, and Peyton […]

  • Empty Bookshelf’s First 100 Reviews

    Oh, those kids. Always at it. You guys really shouldn’t’ve. So here we are at the first of what may be a few reviews of our first milestone, 100 reviews. Not only is this the first review of this milestone, but of what could be very many milestones. We here at the Bookshelf like the […]

  • Superbowl overall

    Well…. it was a game. The Steelers did win. Other than that, the game was pretty boring. The commercials weren’t all that great. The halftime show was kinda lame… not that i’m a huge fan of the rolling stones and all. I’d rate this game higher than the Ravens-Giants Superbowl, but lower than the Eagles-Patriots […]

  • Football (in general) pt.2

    In response to my own review about football… As quickly as games get more interesting, they can just as easily slow baaaaaacckkk doooowwn. Hopefully the end will pick up a little bit. There are 52 seconds left, and it just seems like the Seahawks aren’t going to get it done. When the end seems so […]

  • The Steelers’ Interception

    Wow. that was a game saving play if I ever saw one. I have to grade this two different ways. Steelers get five stars. Seahawks get none. update…. steelers just pulled out the five-star touchdown play… i realize i’m just throwing out the five-stars and possibly devaluing them… but whatever… see Dan’s review below about […]

  • Football (in general)

    The Seahawks just scored a touchdown+extra point, and the score is now 14-10 Steelers. When it was 14-3 (only one score difference), and the Steelers were driving at the Seahawks’ 10 yard line, it wasn’t even an interesting game. All it took to turn around was one interception and the ensuing touchdown. Baseball, soccer, you […]

  • The Half-Time Show

    Similar to Nate’s review of Tom Brady’s coin toss, this one writes itself. If you like the Rolling Stones, it was great. If not…well, it was the Rolling Stones. I recognize the difficulty in picking a half-time show that appeals to everyone, and obviously in light of that difficulty, whoever is in charge of the […]

  • Dan and Jen’s game of Bloody Knuckles

    Ow… they just tried hitting each other to see who would quit first…. or bleed first. Yeah, we’re all for bloodsport around here…. hopefully we don’t have a hand-smacking competition like last time. The game gets three stars if only for the picture I took.

  • Bill Cowher’s Scowl

    Even when’s he’s smiling, he looks like he’s gonna yell at you. The best angry face I’ve ever seen. That’s the stuff.

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers’ Trick Plays

    Each game, the Steelers come in with eight trick plays. These include end-arounds, halfback options, double-reverses, etc. In the middle of the second quarter, they used their first with great success. Lining up in the I formation, one of the most flexible of the offensive formations, Ben Roethlisberger, faked the handoff to the half-back who […]