Football (in general)

The Seahawks just scored a touchdown+extra point, and the score is now 14-10 Steelers. When it was 14-3 (only one score difference), and the Steelers were driving at the Seahawks’ 10 yard line, it wasn’t even an interesting game. All it took to turn around was one interception and the ensuing touchdown. Baseball, soccer, you name it can’t offer such a quick turnaround from “boring game” into “compelling television” after such a quick momentum change.

We’ll see how it ends, but right now, this is why as soon as the Super Bowl is over, football fans start counting down the months, then weeks, then days until training camp opens.


(minus 1/2 star for having to sit through commercial breaks, though I’ll admit that they add to the “drama” of the whole event.)

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