Nose Bleeds

It’s amazing what you find when you type in “Nosebleed” in Google.

I suppose that nose bleeds aren’t really a medical condition; more like a symptom of something. I mean I guess if it’s not related to something else, it could be a condition, if the nose bleeds are chronic that is. In fact, I’m not even really sure if “nose bleeds” is two words and not a compound word. In any case, over the past four years, I’ve developed a knack for getting these sorts of things, something that had never happened previously. Usually they happen in the winter, supposedly caused by dry air because of the heat being on and such.

The nice thing about nosebleeds is that they aren’t painful. They’re just a nuisance, getting in the way of everyday tasks such as eating lunch (a difficult chore to do while you’re pinching your nose shut and having to breathe through your mouth), and they also serve to increase paranoia about the posibility of having other diseases. The latter is because it just doesn’t seem natural for a person to have blood coming out of his nose on multiple occasions intraweekly. This was one of the things I got checked out when I was at the doctor’s office the other day. He looked at my nose, took my blood pressure, and after telling him that I hadn’t had one in about a week, he said that he didn’t see anything and it was probably because of the dry air blah blah blah and that i’d be fine if i used a saline moisturizer. Of course, what happened the next day? Nosebleed in the middle of work. Not cool.


Nosebleeds get half a star for being chronic, getting in the way of doing everyday tasks, and being incredibly messy. In addition, they cause paranioa about other illnesses. I guess it could be more painful though, as it doesn’t seem normal for that amount of blood to exit a facial oraface.

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  1. I think you’re understimating the importance of the nosebleed in a title fight or the usefulness of the nosebleed in a BAMF fight scene.

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