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So I hear we’re starting another project. Wonderful. A wesite is always something I’ve wanted to see if I could help keep afloat, and as I have nothing really better to do in my spare time lately, and I’ve been feeling rather judgmental, I think it’s worth a try. Reviewing things seems to be a nice concept, and allowing it to be an incredibly broad range of things to review is perfectly wonderful, giving me the freedom to review everything from “getting orange oil on your hands when you peel an orange”, to the atrocity that are UGZ boots, which might I add, doesn’t stand for anything, nor is it spelled remotely correct (the correct spellling would be “Ughs”, as in many grunting sounds made by the idiots who wear them while attempting to communicate with people on the streets of L.A…. which is another valid point: why wear HUGE furry, hideously colored suede boots that get dirty very quickly and are supposed to keep you warm, in the WARMEST AND DIRTIEST city west of the Mississippi river?…. where was I?) Oh yes. This website.
It would be nice to think that many people would enjoy reading the rantings and ravings of a few individuals who consider themselves to be a lot funnier than they probably are, and who value their opinions over anyone else’s. I don’t however think that this may be the case. My fear going in to this is that it will end up much like “The Onion”, coming up with continuously funny headlines and topics that follow the same formula, and have articles that drag on past their welcome. My hope for us is that if nobody else reads it, that it will at least keep us entertained, and provide many inside jokes for years to come. My far-reaching hope would be that it wouldn’t get old and that it would catch on with a hipster college student who would then pass it on, or possibly post our link on his facebook account so that all 551 of his friends (most of whom aren’t really his friends, but minor acquantances who are too passive to reject him, even though they think he’s quite the creep) can see it, visit us, and pass us on to their more probable list of 37 friends. Realistically, though, I think reviews of things are too focused of a topic to create a website about that would hopefully last more than 2 months. Hopefully by that time we’ll be able to expand the website into other areas such as eating and sleeping, which we’re quite good at.


The concept of this website gets 3.5 stars out of 5, as it is an incredibly wonderful way to give us something to do and tell you how to live your lives in the process. It has the potential to provide hours of entertainment for readers, and shape their lives for years to come. However, the downside is that it could get old real soon, and provide us with nothing but an excuse not to get real jobs.



  1. Just to clarify, Dan did not mean to imply that he had a real(ish) job…just that there ARE people, whom we might call our peers, out there (somewhere) that have jobs and serve only to give us hope, should we choose to roll out of bed for more than a trip to the fridge/crapper.

  2. Proves nothing, since we know you have the resources and the complete lack of focus towards projects of any value (see: this website) that would allow you time to conjure up a counterfeit business card. Steal me some X-ray specs and you may convince me.

  3. Well, frequently and thoroughly sexually assaulting animals doesn’t automatically make one a veterinarian…

  4. Have I ever claimed to be one? And the juries are still out on what constitutes sexual assault of an animal. (I dare you to respond and make this chain of random insults even longer)

  5. It’s nice to see that you’ve taken the time to visit the site at least 4 times, yet you still haven’t written any productive reviews. I know I’m only a junior member of the staff still, but it’s like the sasha fletcher factor. When he’s around, all the blame gets shifted from me. It would be an honor if you took sasha’s role in this website. Even if it was a review of your lunch.

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