When in-character WWE wrestlers interview movie stars.

Check out these two videos of “The Miz” interviewing the cast and director of “The Dark Knight.” I realized that the hype machine for the movie was pretty crazy (even crazier now that it’s obvious that the movie could have sold itself on its own merits), but I had no idea they were so desperate to allow a WWE “representative” to interview the stars.

The image of a ridiculous wrestler (title belt draped over his body) interviewing Maggie Gyllenhall is really one for the ages as is her confusion when he insists on playing with the action figures. Likewise his mustache discussion with Gary Oldman of all people hits “awkward” right on the head. (I guess Oldman insisted that he not be interviewed by someone wearing a championship belt from a fixed “sport.”)

Also of note is Christian Bale’s look over to his assistant as he has no idea how to react to “The Miz.” You’d think they could’ve had an interesting comparison of the injuries accumulated in filming a fight scene (Bale seems intense enough to acquire injuries during filming – it looks like he has marks on his arms from filming Terminator 4 around the time of the interview) to the injuries in wrestling or stories about “working through pain in the name of entertainment” – who knows.

Anyway, enjoy the awkwardness.

Superstar To Superstar: Miz interviews the stars of “The Dark Knight” – Part I.

Superstar To Superstar: Miz interviews the stars of “The Dark Knight” – Part II.


There’s a reason that professional wrestling will never be considered a “mainstream” form of entertainment. This is it.

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  1. I watched both videos which means I’ve lost several minutes of my life which I shall never get back…. for this I am bitter.

    WTH was that?
    “Go ahead, play with the action figures.” Oh my lord.


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