Thinking of What’s Probably the Best Possible Thing to Put in a Going Away Card Ever

I don’t mean to pat myself on the back….well, okay….yes I do. Someone I know who is from Switzerland (the French-speaking part, for whatever that’s worth) and spent the last few years living in the US is moving back to Switzerland very shortly. A blank-on-the-inside going away card was passed around, and it was obvious that most people thought about what to write for about 30 seconds then decided on, “Good Luck! We’ll miss you!” No problem, it’s not like they didn’t mean it. But not this guy. I gave it 15 seconds of thought, and inscribed this gem of pure wit: “…and I thought it was a New Jersey accent!” This ranks right up there with Nate’s Christmas card message about people leaving their dogs outside to freeze during Christmas. Incredibly proud of myself, I thought to sign my name to my masterpiece and pass on the increasingly valuable card, except I realized that maybe I didn’t want the recipient thinking I was all funny and not enough serious, so I stamped a “Good Luck! We’ll miss you!” at the end.

Best. Going-Away-Message. Ever.

I see your “BLANK” and raise it…hmm….awesome hundred dollars.


(See, she’s from Switzerland and has a very obvious French accent …. eh, never mind.)

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  1. wow… two reviews in two days… that’s a great way to bounce back from the worst review drought since nate’s march aught six one phone in review. To be fair though, I think “freelance” writer Adam has had a drought that would put the Atacama Desert to shame. …. mmmm dessert.

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