Warm Winters


Not to get all Seinfeldian here, but really, what’s the deal with warm winters? Here it is, January and it’s feeling like mid-March. Everyone knows what winter is good for, so I won’t go into detail here, but still, I expect some snowy fun. Of course it did snow in December and it remained cold enough to make driving no fun for a solid two weeks or so, but spring time in January? I won’t have any of that. And for those of you who hate the cold weather, just remember there’s a whole month (then three weeks) for the weather to get back in sync. So at best, this warm spell serves only to get your hopes up as February prepares its icy wrath.

Yes, this is a picture of a robin. Yes, I took it today. Yes, it’s January. No, I don’t expect a prize for seeing the first one. (Calvin and Hobbes joke, there)


Warm Winters receive two stars due to their disobeying of the natural order of things. I’ve not skiied for a number of years BM, but if I were a skier, I wouldn’t be a happy camper. Is it too much to ask that the seasons be seasonal? The two stars are given for the fact that the car-based world is generally a safer place when roads aren’t slippery and the fact that my house is kept at the “meat locker” setting on the thermostat and warmer weather makes that much less of an issue. Regardless, I want my wintry rage!

4 Replies to “Warm Winters”

  1. Weather.com only lists two days in the next ten where temperatures will fall below 40 degrees. And, even then, it’s only supposed to “fall” to 39.

    Spring has sprung.

  2. Take heart, Dan, the comment above is filled with such naive optimism that it’s just begging for a colossal clime ass-kicking. Oh, Marie, you never, ever, predict good weather before February has even hit.

  3. Haha. No, seriously, I do realize we’re bound to get snow at some point, but for now I’m LOVING the mildness and feel that anyone who would review it negatively must have run out of other things to complain about. Ahem.

  4. 1) This website is not a “complainer’s” forum. We have lots of positive reviews.

    2) Even if #1 weren’t true, there’s always lots to complain about.

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