Knocking the Wind Out of Adam

Time for a mini-review! (before I take on my semi-idol, Roger Ebert later in the week)

Thumb\'s up!
All things considered, this review will probably not actually earn “the seal”:-(

So, we were playing football the day after Thanksgiving. There were about ten people there, which is a pleasantly complete number, as the field can be reasonably-sized, and there aren’t so many people that any serious medical emergencies ensue. All of the Goletz siblings were there: Greg, Dave, and Tim. The significance of that is Dave and Tim are no longer 6 years old. They’re both in/recently in high school and more importantly, quite good at football. So good in fact that after a loose ball (that actually wasn’t technically a loose ball, but I guess I yelled “pick it up!” with enough confidence that someone [Adam] actually thought it was a fumble and not an incomplete [short] pass), that Mr. Tim Goletz completely clobbered the “fumble” recoverer after he was already on the ground. Just like in the NFL.

All of this lead to the following conversation between Nate and me:

Nate: That’s weird, I don’t hear any Futurama quotes.
Me: What about anything from The Critic?
Nate: Nope. -Wait- Do I hear a Family Guy reference?
Me: No, I think that’s just some leaves rustling.
Nate: Yeah, it looks like Tim knocked the wind out of Adam.
Me: Ah. That’s why I don’t feel like I’m in the TV aisle of a DVD store.


Knocking the Wind Out of Adam receives three-and-a-half stars due to the change in the conversational landscape. It can’t be rated too highly because the condition (though temporary) is incredibly uncomfortable and is one of the more serious of the “un-serious” conditions. In all actuality, Adam didn’t have any TV quotes that day, but knocking the wind out of him would’ve changed that if he had. In even more actuality, I never had that conversation with Nate. But I could have.


  1. True, the review does not get the seal of approval. But, fear not. After I finally post a review (when and what about…I don’t know), I get the feeling that you will have a chance to revise your review.


  2. We don’t revise here at We just edit after it’s already been posted. That’s different. Duh.

  3. What a literary prize!!! It’s interesting for the first 10 minutes, then, well, maybe it’s time to go to bed.Maybe I could get a job as your proofreader. What’s the pay?
    Glad to see you’re still friends.
    I do remember getting my touch football air being knocked out of me while playing with my brother and his friends! PF

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