Sort of “Getting” the Appeal of Celebrity Gossip Magazines

I actively subscribe to one magazine, Car & Driver. Generally, I’d stand behind it compared to the other of the “big four” car magazines (Road & Track, Motor Trend, and Automobile). It gets a bit silly sometimes, and the fact that their staff is made up mostly of former engineers is a bit too evident […]

Gauntlet Review – The Beatles – “Rubber Soul”, “Let it Be”, “George Martin: In My Life”, and “I am Sam Soundtrack”

This is a huge mega gauntlet review. I wanted to write a review of the first two albums above, kinda comparing them, etc., but then I realized that I had these rather interesting cover albums, and it would be a total shame if I didn’t write about them in some capacity (one of them being […]

The Dyne:bolic Media Studio LiveCD

I think this will be a mini-review, but often times, I start as a mini-review, but end up with more than enough for a full-on, double-quarter-pounder with cheese regular review. (Finished writing it: Well, so much for the mini-review…) Let me pre-apologize for the computer-centric nature of this, but the “product” was a big enough […]

Thinking You’re Doing Something Original

Site note: to potentially get some commenting going on, you can now leave a comment without needing to fill-in an e-mail address. What’s that sound? Why, it’s the sound of accountability going out the window! Hmmph. I never thought we’d be “pioneers” in this little internet endeavor, but I did think that, at the minimum, […]

Knocking the Wind Out of Adam

Time for a mini-review! (before I take on my semi-idol, Roger Ebert later in the week) All things considered, this review will probably not actually earn “the seal”:-( So, we were playing football the day after Thanksgiving. There were about ten people there, which is a pleasantly complete number, as the field can be reasonably-sized, […]