The Fact that “Andy Richter Controls the Universe” is not on DVD yet

In an attempt to get women to notice him, Andy imagines himself wearing a suit full of puppies. Unfortunately, he probably didn’t take the drycleaning bill into account.

I keep holding out hope. I don’t know why I do, because I never hear news about the possibility of this happening. Maybe it’s because every week I see that studios are releasing vast quantities of television shows that have no other value because TV stations won’t buy them in syndication. March 28th alone has the DVD releases of such blockbuster TV shows as American Muscle Car 1.x, Andy Milonakis Show 1.x, Astro Boy: Ultra Collector’s Edition,Avatar: The Last Airbender: Book 1, Vol. 2,Danger Mouse 5.x/6.x, Dark Shadows Vol. 23, DeGrassi: The Next Generation 3.x, Doctor Who: The Beginning, Dog the Bounty Hunter: Best of 2.x, Three Friends Theme Box Sets with episodes that everyone probably has already,Godzilla: Monster Mayhem, Godzilla: Mutant Madness, Highway to Heaven 3.x, The Invisible Man 1.x, Knots Landing 1.x, Little House on the Prarie (2004 Miniseries), Masters of Horror: Cigarette Burns, Masters of Horror: Dreams of the Witch House, Merv Griffin Show: 40 Most Interesting People, Modern Marvels: Extreme Gadgets, Modern Marvels: The FBI’s Crime Lab, Modern Marvels: Great Inventions, Modern Marvels: Walt Disney World, Northern Exposure 4.x, Not the 9 O’Clock News: Best Of, Planet of the Apes: Ultimate Collection, Quantum Leap 4.x, Return to the Planet of the Apes, Robot Chicken Vol. 1, Six Feet Under 5.x, Super Mario Bros.: Super Show, Tales of the Unexpected Set 4, and The Triangle: The Complete Miniseries. Isn’t that an obscene amount of mostly obscure television series? How many of them do you think will even be on the shelves of your local Best Buy? In fact, by June, you’ll be able to buy the entire series of The Adventures of Superboy, something called “Odyssy 5”, “Tommy Lee Goes to College”, all 13 episodes of “Law and Order: Trial By Jury”, and the first seasons of “F-Troop” and “Power Rangers Mystic Force”. In addition, every time I walk into Best Buy I see the set for “Wonderfalls”, a completely interesting show, but one that only ever aired three episodes. Heck, even the live-action “The Tick”, which only aired like two episodes and made all of six got a DVD release.

I take it you get my point by now; there are a lot of TV shows that are random that nobody would ever buy that are released just to make a few dollars from the few people who want to be able to see shows that they’ll never see again… like “the dog whisperer” or… “Full House”. But why am I specifically targeting the lack of Andy Richter DVDs? Because this is quite possibly the funniest, most offbeat and weird comedies of all time. I’m not taking anything away from Arrested Development, or any of those other shows that I can’t think of right now but probably will be able to by the time I get to the bottom. Anyway, sometimes the stories weren’t great, but that’s not the point. “Andy Richter…” was about all the absurd ideas that went on in the head of a bored instruction manual writer, ideas that popped up “Family Guy”-style, but without all the esoteric pop-culture references that half of the audience doesn’t get, and smarter dialogue, not to mention the fact that he talks to the long-dead, creepy, crotchety old man, former owner of the company. One episode had him wonder what the situation would be like as a musical, one showed what would happen if they were all dogs. It was a completely brilliant premise and the execution was terrific. It’s a shame the show failed after airing only 14 episodes and making 5 that never aired, and it’s an even bigger shame that with shows that have absolutely no market coming out on DVD, that a show this funny will keep those 5 episodes unseen. I mean, heck, I even used it to write a seven page paper on how a specific TV show handles a sensitive issue (in this case racism… specifically against a black man who’s irish… of course the insensitive remarks are made about the irish, allowing them to get across points they wouldn’t be able to do if it was about how he’s black).

There’s nothing else to say. There’s a lot of bad and obscure TV shows out on DVD. This one was very good and I think would get enough attention in the geek community that Fox (at least I’m assuming they would be the ones with the rights) would turn a profit by releasing it…. plus there are five episodes that nobody ever saw… that’s probably one of the biggest reasons why people buy short-lived series like this. This show deserves to be available. End of story.

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  1. Hey Nate. Oddesy 5 was a cool Showtime show written by Manny Coto (seasons 3 and 4 of Enterprise). Was about a bunch of guys who happen to be in a space shuttle when the earth suddenly explodes. They are then given the opportunity to go back and time to try to stop this event from ever happening. It was quite good.. Of course the show was cancelled before any type of conclusion happening. gar.. And Quantum Leap is not obscure! There is a large market for quantum leap! grr! And yes I agree.. I also want ARCTU on DVD. That is all,


  2. That new comedy on Fox The Loop is cowritten by one of the writers from ARCTU. If you watch it, the similarities are apparent.

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