Weezer’s Make Believe

I’m not sure if this is a copout, but it definitely is a lazy-man’s way to do it. This “review” was originally an e-mail I wrote in September, a good month+ before the concept of this very website existed. That doesn’t mean that the contents of the e-mail aren’t worthy of inclusion on this site. You’ll notice that it’s written more like an e-mail than a review (what with instances of a specific “you” and “me”). I’ve added some links and some popins, and the rating and conclusion are new for this review. This entire e-mail basically was a response to him saying, “As would be expected, the new Weezer album is quite excellent.” As always, don’t be afraid to post comments, it’s not like we’d write an extensive analysis of something that would be contrary to one sentence you wrote or anything.

make believe
Make Believe — How About Make…A Good Album. Buh-Zing!

So, having gotten the new Weezer album just two days ago, and having given it two listens“”.I hate to say it, but I agree with the Pitchfork review. I don’t agree with giving it .4/10, as that would only be appropriate for the review of an album by someone who happened to be responsible for the rape of an immediate family member of the reviewer, but their reasoning for it being “bad” was spot-on. To be fair, I knew that it was reviewed poorly (the .4/10, specifically), but I had not read the contents of the review, so I had no pre-set opinion of the album before listening as Rolling Stone gave it a rather straight-forward 4 star review [the type of 4 star review given to bands that have a solid “sound” (like Cake and soon, the Strokes) that can’t be faulted and release albums that sort of sound alike, for better or worse””.remember that the most recent Cake album was rather poorly reviewed by Rolling Stone for sounding “


  1. I don’t know how much of a comment this is but I might as well be the first of the 7 readers to write something. I do enjoy “Perfect Situation” while I’m running but you’re right, the rest of the album isn’t anything great, even by my low standards.

  2. If my review were to have included a list of “at least two standout tracks,” that song would be the second (and only other one) on the list with “Beverly Hills.” All things considered, the album wasn’t good enough to earn a “standout tracks” section.

    Yay! Commenting! Spread the word.

  3. I am just not a fan of “Beverly Hills”. Why it’s still allowed on-air, I have no idea.


    Based off of that one song? I’d have to say that I would never invest a dime in their music. Other bands, however, catch my ear every time I hear them. Like DHT’s “Listen to Your Heart”, a moving song performed by a warbling shrew and her epileptic pianist.

    Man, I loves me some DHT.

  4. Pretty much everyone likes “The Sweater Song,” though it’s from four albums ago. DHT…I can’t remember if I saw them/it on VH1 during some crazy countdown show or not.

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