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  • Retro Review: The Current TV Landscape (The Office, Scrubs, and the Ghost of Arrested Development) – Part 1

    With the fourth season of Arrested Development premiering in a few short hours on Netflix, I figured this would be a good time to re-post something I wrote shortly after its cancellation (way back in 2006) where I explained I was on-board with the show ending permanently. Part 1 of 3 With the all-but cancellation […]

  • UniDiction 2011: Week 13 – Eagles vs. Seahawks and Week 12 Round-Up (new format!)

    follow me on twitter (@dancfuller) Well, I was wrong for last week’s game, too. 3-8. Of course, there was nothing right about the Eagles on-field performance, either. There’s an all-new format for the UniDiction section which I think you’ll like, so let me know what you think in the comments. Week 12 Round-Up The Chargers […]

  • The Muppets

    The Muppets have always been a big inspiration to me. I grew up watching reruns of The Muppet Show, the 9 episodes of The Jim Henson Hour that aired before it was cancelled, the movies, Muppet Babies, Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street and countless other productions. Muppet Christmas Carol is one of my favorite movies ever, […]

  • The LOST Finale as a Meta-Metaphor for the Death of a Series

    I wonder if the “Man of Science/Man of Faith” argument could be extrapolated to refer to the skeptics vs. those who had faith in the writers. “Lost” (pun intended) in the hubbub of last night’s “polar”-izing finale, buried beneath the mystical corks, and cliffhanger fights; airplane escapes and journeys into the afterlife together, is a […]

  • 2010 Academy Awards

    Alec and Steve were the only friends left at “Oscar’s” birthday party after mom kicked Kratos out after “the incident.” Some quick thoughts opinions: The “interpretive” dancing to accompany the Best Music (Original Score) nominees was tacky and plain-old ridiculous. Being that the music was written for a movie, why not show either a) a […]

  • The End of Scrubs, the Sequel

    Following up on my original, hopeful take on whether Scrubs was really going to end two years ago, another is-it-or-isn’t-it the end episode aired last night. First and foremost, give the cast and crew of Scrubs and ABC (yes, the network) all the credit in the world for ignoring the absolutely awful, rather pointless seventh […]

  • The Big Bang Theory

    Quick TV Review… If you don’t watch “The Big Bang Theory,” give it a chance. CBS Mondays at 8:00 and online. Sure, the premise is ridiculous (two super-nerds move next door to the proverbial sitcom “hot babe” and hilarious antics ensue — See, they don’t know how to relate! She likes shopping, they like Star […]

  • “Heroes” – Four Months Later

    Every Tuesday, I’ll be blogging about the show “Heroes”, for the TV site Magnetic Media Fed. Here’s my review of last week’s season premiere. Sometimes, I wish this was a show called “Her Es” about a girl and her magical adventures with her favorite letter of the alphabet. For as weak and underwhelming as last […]

  • The End of Scrubs

    Update 3 (1+ weeks later): The ad during tonight’s SNL 90’s retrospective billed this week’s episode as “only three episodes until the season finale. I guess that’s that. Update 2 (four days later): So, it looks like NBC is advertising this week’s Scrubs as being the first of “the last 3.” Hmm. They even emphasized […]

  • 2006-07 Academy Awards Nominations

    This year, the movie that I chose to not see, but still complain about is “Dreamgirls”, a movie that wasn’t even nominated for best picture… and I’m not really even complaining about it… which makes me feel real strange. The academy awards nominations came out this morning. And for some reason I decided that I […]