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  • The End of Scrubs, the Sequel

    Following up on my original, hopeful take on whether Scrubs was really going to end two years ago, another is-it-or-isn’t-it the end episode aired last night. First and foremost, give the cast and crew of Scrubs and ABC (yes, the network) all the credit in the world for ignoring the absolutely awful, rather pointless seventh […]

  • Empty Bookshelf’s First 100 Reviews

    Oh, those kids. Always at it. You guys really shouldn’t’ve. So here we are at the first of what may be a few reviews of our first milestone, 100 reviews. Not only is this the first review of this milestone, but of what could be very many milestones. We here at the Bookshelf like the […]

  • Navel Gazing Part 2: Sneakers as Temporal Landmarks

    Now that is a triple-word-score $5 title!(all ridiculousness aside, stick with me, I’ll explain what I mean by that later. I really couldn’t think of a more condensed name for the concept.) Those that know me and read the website (I’d wager the two are almost mutually exclusive — except for the ragtag bunch of […]

  • Other People Stealing Your Ideas Without Ever Having Met You or Knowing that They Stole Something

    Longest. Title. Ever. If only they could save the baseball team from utter anihilation. I’ll try not to make this like Dan’s “Half-Inventing Stuff” review, even though there are some thematic similarities. What spawned the idea for this topic was actually two events hat occurred in the past month, both of which involved people doing […]

  • When Your Reach Exceeds Your Grasp (aka “The Husky’s Bite”)

    For those unfamiliar, please peruse this PDF of the first (and only) issue of the publication in question. Feel free to right-click and “save as” on that file so that you end up reading both it and my review. If you’ve used the internet before, you probably already have Adobe Reader installed, but if you […]

  • Meeting/Seeing Celebrities

    I want to make this review as “non-braggy” as possible, so I’m gonna refrain from giving a list of famous people of whom I’ve been within 100 feet, but just to warn you all, to give examples, I’m still probably going to have to drop a few names. A picture I took of Naomi Watts […]

  • Sudoku

    The best Japanese import since…. ummm…. my DVD player? So recently (maybe a month ago?), the Morning Call let us all in on a supposedly huge new puzzle game trend that’s popping up everywhere. Called Sudoku, it’s a Japanese puzzle game in which a nine by nine grid is presented (sub-divided up into nine three-by-three […]

  • Getting Older

    I’ve realized recently that I’m rapidly approaching fogey-hood, and I have nothing to show for it. I’m simply older; not wiser, not more experienced, not more distinguished. Just older. As I rapidly approach the beginning of my 23rd year, it’s more and more obvious that it’s all going downhill from now on. Why now instead […]