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  • The Harry Potter Book Series

    I read* the Harry Potter books this summer. Harry Potter fans and superfans, if there’s something I’m missing or being unfair about, let me know. *Note: For those with strong opinions about that word, I’ll point out I actually books-on-taped it during hiking trips. I’d say it’s 85-90% of the experience of actually reading it. […]

  • Urgent Warning Review: The Last Templar

    Later tonight, NBC will be showing the second half of the two part “The Last Templar” mini-series. DO NOT WATCH THIS. It’s rare that I feel tasked to present my opinion as a public warning, but it is entirely, absolutely necessary in this case. I’m not proud of myself, but I fell for the “well, […]

  • Empty Bookshelf’s First 100 Reviews

    Oh, those kids. Always at it. You guys really shouldn’t’ve. So here we are at the first of what may be a few reviews of our first milestone, 100 reviews. Not only is this the first review of this milestone, but of what could be very many milestones. We here at the Bookshelf like the […]

  • The Critical To-Do over Lady in the Water

    The cast of the movie Miami Vice hard at work If you keep tabs on the movie world, you’re probably aware that right now, two sort of big deal stories are going on between critics and directors. The first one involves Joel Siegel making a big to-do and walking out on a screening of Clerks […]

  • “Diary” by Chuck Palahniuk

    It’s important to note that I formulated my opinion of this book without the knowledge that it was so universally acclaimed by book critics. This review has nothing to do with their opinions, nor my opinions of their opinions, and is solely based on the merit of the book. “Just for the record“, I think […]

  • The First Half of “The Rule of Four”

    Mini-review! So, maybe reviewing half of a book is not the most fair thing to do, but I’m about half of the way through The Rule of Four, probably the most notable of the non-Dan Brown authored so-called “it’s like The DaVinci Code” books popular during the “great historical artifact mystery novel boom of the […]

  • The Dictionary

    Sean Connery suggests reading, but not the dictionary. Finally done. I was told last year, that if i really wanted a challenging book to read that I should pick up this new book called “Dictionary” by Webster. Man, were they right. This book took me five months to finish, and I still don’t get it. […]