2010 Eagles UniDictions – Week 6 – Falcons

True to the whims of the football gods this season, like all of the NFL teams, Crossing Broad is no longer undefeated.  It was a good run while it lasted.  We regroup, refocus, and re-prognosticate, with clearer Unidictions than ever. According to Eagles Gameday, they're in White over Green, again.  We're not sure why they […]

2010 Eagles UniDictions – Week 5 – 49ers

Bad news for the Eagles this week.  They're playing the 49ers, and the Crossing Broad Unidictions are 4-0.  AND, the 49ers have some pretty nice uniforms.  Sorry, Eagles fans, but this one isn't going to end well. The 49ers follow the normal "color" at home, so they're in Red over Gold (there's no alternate in […]

2010 Eagles UniDictions – Week 4 – Redskins

Sorry I was a little slow getting this posted, and it ends up being more of a past tense prediction, but here it is was. As always, this was cross-posted on crossingbroad.com. Look for the Week 5 Unidiction on Sunday.  This has been a bad week for the uniform department of Crossingbroad.com.  First, the Eagles […]

2010 Eagles UniDictions (uniform + predictions) – Week 2 – Lions

  A lot of stories coming out of last week’s season opener against the Packers.  Injuries, a quarterback conundrum (don’t call it a controversy!), and what turned out to be a pretty good uniform match-up.  The 1960 throwbacks, which I publicly gave a “meh” opinion, actually worked quite well on the field.  And oh yeah…my […]

2010 Eagles UniDictions (uniform + predictions) – Week 1 – Packers

This has been cross-posted on crossingbroad.com, a great destination for Philadelphia sports news. Being that all predictions for the NFL season thus far are based on a combination of  last year’s results and four pre-season games (The NFL Pre-Season — The four weeks when your friends with season tickets slightly regret their purchase!), we might as […]

Eagles 2010 Uniform Round-Up – The 1960 Throwback

This has been cross-posted on Crossing Broad, an up-and-coming Philadelphia Sports destination — heck, they’re the ones who broke the story that Dorney Park was the first rehab assignment for Ryan Howard… Lil’ Shebaz: Patriot, Martyr, Wide Receiver. It’s that time of year – the notable roster additions and subtractions have been discussed, the expected […]

The LOST Finale as a Meta-Metaphor for the Death of a Series

I wonder if the “Man of Science/Man of Faith” argument could be extrapolated to refer to the skeptics vs. those who had faith in the writers. “Lost” (pun intended) in the hubbub of last night’s “polar”-izing finale, buried beneath the mystical corks, and cliffhanger fights; airplane escapes and journeys into the afterlife together, is a […]

“Reimaginator” – Rock Sugar

What happens when Metallica and Journey get put in a blender, with a little Madonna for consistency? “Rock Sugar” happens. You come across a lot of Mash-Ups on the internet. It seems like the cool, gimmicky musical viral video thing to do these days, and a lot of it is because the formula is so […]

2010 Academy Awards

Alec and Steve were the only friends left at “Oscar’s” birthday party after mom kicked Kratos out after “the incident.” Some quick thoughts opinions: The “interpretive” dancing to accompany the Best Music (Original Score) nominees was tacky and plain-old ridiculous. Being that the music was written for a movie, why not show either a) a […]