How to be a Uniform Snob Part 2: Phillies vs. Padres (Throwbacks!)

From 2003 against the Pirates in solid yellow—ladies and gentlemen: your 1970s! The pictures with formal write-ups of the uniforms in question are from Bill Henderson’s excellent MLB Game Worn Jerseys of the Double-Knit Era. Buy it here. If you’re even remotely interested in the rest of this entry, this will be the best $25 […]

How to Be Uniform Snob: Phillies vs. Braves (1974 Throwbacks)

This is crosspost from Crossing Broad. Quick note: some of the pictures are from Uniwatch’s write-up of last year’s Phillies-Brewers throwback game as well as the excellent “MLB Game Worn Jerseys of the Double Knit Era” by Bill Henderson. Well then, other than the fact the Phillies got the “L,” that went pretty well, don’t you think? For the […]

Uniform Analysis: Phillies vs. Braves (Negro League Throwbacks)

This is crosspost from Crossing Broad. I usually stick to NFL uniforms and snide remarks in the comments, but the Phillies have a …UniTastic weekend series against the Braves, wearing Negro League throwbacks on Saturday and 1974 throwbacks on Sunday, so here’s a quick run-down and review for Saturday’s game. Some comments about Sunday’s game later. Unfortunately, […]

UniDiction – Wildcard Weekend – Eagles vs. Packers

Well, like the real Eagles, I didn’t end with the right kind of streak, but if the NFC West has taught us anything, anyone can make the playoffs this year.  (and FYI, I had a better record than the Seahawks). We’ve seen the Eagles play the Packers already this year, but thankfully, unlike last week’s […]

UniDiction: Week 14 – Eagles vs. Cowboys

Called it.  9-4. Maybe it’s not the biggest game of the season in terms of records, but it’s Eagles/Cowboys, so it’s always an event.  Throughout the previous 13 weeks of UniDictions, I’ve made numerous references to the concept of “White at Home” teams, and now that the Redskins have broken their “rule” and brought out […]

UniDiction: Week 13 – Eagles vs. Texans

OK, so maybe last week wasn’t my finest.  I could invoke the “score wraps to zero every 28 points” clause, but that’d just be sad.  My (and the Eagles’) loss makes the system 7-4. Next up, the Texans.  My process for doing these UniDiction usually involves scouring the Internet for pictures of the various uniform […]