UniDiction: Week 14 – Eagles vs. Cowboys

Called it.  9-4. Maybe it’s not the biggest game of the season in terms of records, but it’s Eagles/Cowboys, so it’s always an event.  Throughout the previous 13 weeks of UniDictions, I’ve made numerous references to the concept of “White at Home” teams, and now that the Redskins have broken their “rule” and brought out […]

UniDiction: Week 13 – Eagles vs. Texans

OK, so maybe last week wasn’t my finest.  I could invoke the “score wraps to zero every 28 points” clause, but that’d just be sad.  My (and the Eagles’) loss makes the system 7-4. Next up, the Texans.  My process for doing these UniDiction usually involves scouring the Internet for pictures of the various uniform […]

UniDiction: Week 11 – Eagles vs. Giants

Because my system is as arbitrary as possible, I’ll gladly point out that even though I predicted (um, UniDicted?) a score of Redskins 23 – Eagles 15, but the actual score was a completely different (but pretty awesome) Eagles 59 – Redskins 28, I can retroactively make it so any score above 28 (the  system […]

UniDiction: Week 10 – Eagles vs. Redskins

Real Score: Eagles 26 – Colts 24.  UniDiction Score: Eagles 26- Colts 23.  Come on, you can admit it.  I’m onto something here. This week is an interesting one; it’s the first “second game” of the NFC East intra-division match-ups, and the Eagles opted to wear White over Green for their home game, so tonight’s […]

UniDiction: Week 9 – Eagles vs. Colts (Throwbacks!)

Ok.  So, 6-2 doesn’t have the same ring as 7-1, but with a system this arbitrary, that’s still pretty good, right?  Right? Two really big uniform stories this week.  1) The Eagles will actually be wearing their “official” home uniform today for the first time this season. 2) The Colts will be wearing their 1955 […]

UniDiction: Week 7 – Eagles vs. Titans

6-1.  Breath it in.  This is rarefied air, people.  In what’s probably the most arbitrary, non-cephalopod-based prediction “system” ever, these UniDictions are coming in huge.  Of course, I’m ignoring the implicit spread created by predicting the score, not just the straight-up winner, but I take wins where I can get them. The Eagles are visiting […]

2010 Eagles UniDictions – Week 6 – Falcons

True to the whims of the football gods this season, like all of the NFL teams, Crossing Broad is no longer undefeated.  It was a good run while it lasted.  We regroup, refocus, and re-prognosticate, with clearer Unidictions than ever. According to Eagles Gameday, they're in White over Green, again.  We're not sure why they […]

2010 Eagles UniDictions – Week 5 – 49ers

Bad news for the Eagles this week.  They're playing the 49ers, and the Crossing Broad Unidictions are 4-0.  AND, the 49ers have some pretty nice uniforms.  Sorry, Eagles fans, but this one isn't going to end well. The 49ers follow the normal "color" at home, so they're in Red over Gold (there's no alternate in […]

2010 Eagles UniDictions – Week 4 – Redskins

Sorry I was a little slow getting this posted, and it ends up being more of a past tense prediction, but here it is was. As always, this was cross-posted on crossingbroad.com. Look for the Week 5 Unidiction on Sunday.  This has been a bad week for the uniform department of Crossingbroad.com.  First, the Eagles […]